Project Proposal

Project Purpose

This project will be a platform for me to release my webcomic. It will also provide official merchandise through linking to websites such as Redbubble and society6, and I will also provide methods to order and pay for commissioned artwork. It will contain my professional contact information and examples of my artwork. It will contain character bios and information about the webcomic. It will be the means for me to advertise and jumpstart my artistic career, while also providing much-needed practice in constructing websites. This website will also contain the conventional pages that an audience expects of an artist, namely merchandise, commission information, an About page containing information about the characters, comic, and creator, and social media links to receive updates and behind the scenes information. All of these five main pages will contain everything necessary for an artist in this day and age, from content to contact information.

The Audience

My audience will be looking for a webcomic as entertainment, as well as other resources they have come to expect from successful artists such as merchandise, commission information, details about the characters, comic, and creator, and social media links. These are common to most websites for professional artists, and create a whole artist’s website around content such as a webcomic.

Who is using the site?

This site will primarily be for other artists, other fans, or generally those that are interested in comics. They are usually otherwise known as nerds.

What is the visitor doing when he/she visits the site?

They will primarily be there to visit the comic and check for updates, but I plan to have other pages as well. Many other webcomic websites include commission information, contact information for the artist, and an official store for merchandise.

What actions or content is the visitor wanting?

The visitor will primarily be there for the webcomic. They will also have other options available with the different pages on the website. They will be able to order commissions through the website through PayPal, and also contact me and access other mobile websites.

Where is the visitor located?

My visitors will hopefully be located internationally, so they will be able to access the website from all over the world. I am concentrating my advertising locally, so I expect that the majority of the traffic will be from Idaho.

When is the site being visited?

Since I intend for the site to be accessed by visitors from all over the world, they will be visited at all times of the day. I plan to let visitors know when I am posting new content, so the traffic will be highest after posting new content. I plan to post a new page at least weekly, probably on Sundays, so I would anticipate highest traffic on Sunday night and Monday morning.

How are users accessing the site?

Most of them will likely access it from desktops or tablets because those are the best ways to access webcomics. I plan to make the mobile site a condensed version so it’s more accessible, but I am still trying to figure out how to size the pages of my webcomic so that they will be visible and readable on mobile. The pages will be very large, but I will make several panels and arrange them in a column on the mobile website so they are visible.

Audience Persona

Web Pages

Wireframe Sketches

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Large Wireframe

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Mobile Wireframe

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